the best review EVER!

......and we can say that, you know why, because its a review which helps you understand exactly how you will feel using Gownies, thanks Alison from the NCTShop
Excellent purchase Date Posted: 11/02/2012
Great purchase, exactly what I wanted! I searched everywhere for something to give me basic confidence for the birth as my mind of course will be elsewhere! I really did not want to sport an old and short t shirt and knickers for the birth, which covers little. I also did not want to be dressed up! I am amazed that they do not provide gowns as standard in hospitals. Shocked in fact. The gown is very light and pretty, material is soft and cool, offers you full modesty without swamping you and is easily accesible enough for a midwife to monitor the birth - and for mum and baby skin to skin. I feel so much more confident about labour now. Im not one of these "let it all hang out" types so for me this is the perfect and obvious solution.
- Alison F, London
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