5 Factors in Choosing the Perfect Breastfeeding Outfit

If you intend breastfeeding baby, make sure your maternity nightwear is comfortable and practical to feed in, especially in those first few days when you’ll be surrounded by family and friends and you’ll want to feel both confident yet covered, and relaxed enough to beable to continue breastfeeding baby peacefully. 1.       Nightie or Pyjama? Those first few hours and days after the birth of your baby will leave you body feeling a little battle weary! Give yourself freedom of movement by going for a Breastfeeding Nightdress rather than Pyjamas, and you won’t regret it. Extra big pads are worn in those first days and you may not want anything too tight on your bottom half. Breastfeeding Pyjamas are a great option before birth and for the months ahead, but you will definitely need a nightie aswel.breastfeeding nightie 2.       Long, Short or no Sleeve? Depending on the time of year and your personal preference, you might opt for one or other, what is for sure is you won’t want to feel that your arms are too constricted, so make sure you choose the right design. 3.       Pull aside or Clip openings? Leave the clip openings to your nursing bra, having them on the nightie or PJ top aswel  might drive you a little crazy after a while! Neat pull aside or pull down designs of Breastfeeding Nighties and PJ tops are just perfect for night feeds, laying flat nursing and more discretion amongst visitors. 4.       Length of Nightie Make sure your nightie is a great length, at least to the knee, to ensure you have plenty of fabric to tuck around you as you get comfy to feed in bed. 5.       Type of Fabric A delicious soft jersey fabric with a high cotton content will keep you both cosy and fresh, team it with a lightweight dressing gown too and you’ll have everything you need for those busy nights ahead!
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