Preparing for Labour & Birth, Prettily!

5 Factors in Choosing the Perfect Breastfeeding Outfit

If you intend breastfeeding baby, make sure your maternity nightwear is comfortable and practical to feed in, especially in those first few days when you’ll be surrounded by family and friends and you’ll want to feel both confident yet covered, and relaxed enough to beable to continue breastfeeding baby peacefully. 1.       Nightie or Pyjama? Those first few hours and days after the birth of your baby will leave you body feeling a little battle weary! Give yourself freedom of movement by going for a Breastfeeding Nightdress rather than Pyjamas, and you won’t regret it. Extra big pads are worn in those first days and you may not want anything too tight on your bottom half. Breastfeeding Pyjamas are a great option before birth and for the months ahead, but you will definitely need a nightie aswel.breastfeeding nightie 2.       Long, Short or no Sleeve? Depending on the time of year and your personal preference, you might opt for one or other, what is for sure is you won’t want to feel that your arms are too constricted, so make sure you choose the right design. 3.       Pull aside or Clip openings? Leave the clip openings to your nursing bra, having them on the nightie or PJ top aswel  might drive you a little crazy after a while! Neat pull aside or pull down designs of Breastfeeding Nighties and PJ tops are just perfect for night feeds, laying flat nursing and more discretion amongst visitors. 4.       Length of Nightie Make sure your nightie is a great length, at least to the knee, to ensure you have plenty of fabric to tuck around you as you get comfy to feed in bed. 5.       Type of Fabric A delicious soft jersey fabric with a high cotton content will keep you both cosy and fresh, team it with a lightweight dressing gown too and you’ll have everything you need for those busy nights ahead!

Antenatal Online Gives us the Top 10 Tips for a Great Labour

Top Ten Tips for a Great Labour Labour and birth can be daunting, particularly for first time mums and dads-to-be but. Here are ten tips for making sure you have the best birth possible!
  • A positive mindset really can help you have a better birth so believe in your body’s ability to have your baby and remember that women have been giving birth for thousands of years. You can do it! A good antenatal class will help you understand how your body is designed to give birth and will help dispel some of the fear you may have around labour;
  • Labour and birth can be unpredictable but having a list of birth preferences can help you. If you and your birth partner spend some time thinking about the kind of birth you want it will help you feel a bit more prepared;
  • During labour remember that each contraction is taking you one step closer to meeting your baby;
  • Make sure you eat - even if you don’t feel like it. The last thing you want to do is run out of steam so making sure you eat little and often during labour can really help. Avoid sugary drinks and snacks though, tempting as it may be to stuff down a cake;
  • That lovely white dressing gown might seem like a good choice for floating around in with your beautiful new baby and your post-birth glow but frankly birth is a bit messy...avoid anything white;
  • You may think that you don’t need or want pain relief and that is great. However no one knows how they will react during labour and if you feel overwhelmed and opt for drugs having wanted a natural birth, don’t beat yourself up! The birth is just one day out of your life. Don’t waste any of your time with your new baby feeling like you have already failed. You haven’t;
  • Don’t forget your camera! Those first few moments as a family are precious and you won’t get them again;
  • You can feel vulnerable in labour but try not to let that stop you from speaking up if you don’t understand what is being said or done. If you don’t feel comfortable then your birth partner can help or you could consider using a doula who will attend your labour and offer support;
  • Consider a water birth. It is a great form of natural pain relief and is a lovely calm way for your baby to enter the world;
  • ·         Try not to listen to horror stories from mums who have been there and did not particularly enjoy the experience! Their labour and birth may not have been the best but it doesn’t mean that yours will be bad. There will be mums out there who had a great birth and those are the people you need to hear. This site is great for positive birth stories and teams mums-to-be up with a birth buddy which is worth considering –;
I think there are few that would argue that labour isn’t challenging but it can also be a wonderful and empowering experience. Good luck and remember, you can do it! Louise Morrison is a mum of two and founder of Antenatal Online, which offers flexible video based antenatal classes and pregnancy support.

Perfect Mum to Be Gift !

Whether you are on the pink or the blue team, you'll find gorgeously soft 100% cotton jersey nursing nighties and babygown & hat sets in time for Xmas on! Fantastic Mum to be Gift or Baby Shower Gift. Sign up for our newsletter on our home page to be notified when they arrive!

Gownie Sizing Info

Both the S/M and L/XL Gownies are all the same length at 95cm from the nape of the neck to the hem, but the L/XL is wider across the bust and through the middle than the S/M. I am a standard 5'2" and they cover my knees but no longer, a great length for coverage when squatting on the ball for example! Measuring across the chest of the S/M it measures 57.5cm, double that for the circumference around the chest area. Measuring across the chest of the L/XL it measures 60cm, double that for the circumference around the chest area. Dont hesitate to contact us for any other sizing info!

Plus Size Gownies have arrived!!

We've taken our most popular Dotties and added Plus Size Gownies! Now Gownies are available in UK Pre Pregnancy 20 If you arent one of those let it all hang out ladies, then you'll already be looking for a great alternative to the old white tshirt! Gownies meet mums needs of coverage, flexibile openings, modesty, skin to skin contact with baby and manoeuvrability. Go spread the gownie word!    

What to wear when you are expecting!

  What to expect when you're expecting - The Baby Planners film review Our friends at The Baby Planners have just posted this fantastic review of the film they loved and give Nicole Gownies  as seen in the movie, a great mention, you can find out more about their maternity concierge services and products by visiting their site! Thanks Simone!

Its Competition Time!

  To celebrate seeing Gownies on the big screen, and to coincide with the launch of the movie "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" over the   weekend, we are giving away a Gownie + 2 Movie Tickets, enter here until Friday, and dont forget to share with your friends! If its time to pack your hospital bag, then this movie will be light relief, please tell us what you think of the film ! Gownies are so popular because they make mums feel more confident at a pretty tricky time!

  Baby BeMine Maternity has led the huge growth in birthwear creating the Gownies TM range of Maternity Hospital Gowns. GowniesTM are the birthwear revolution Momentum is building here in the UK because GowniesTM meet mums’ needs of coverage, accessibility, manoeuvrability and dignity in the maternity ward. It’s hard enough working out what you are going to wear every day of your pregnancy, let alone what to take to wear in hospital when all eyes are on you! GowniesTM have press studs down the back and at each shoulder seam giving full coverage and full accessibility, plus the chest panel folds flat allowing instant skin to skin contact with baby and can be opened for easy breastfeeding access. Available in 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton with soft satin trim and in 14 fabulous designs and 3 sizes, there really is a GowniesTM for everyone! Now with matching pillowcases and follow on nursing nightwear, matching babygrows and hats, this brand is definitely one to watch as they create more innovative pieces for new mum and baby and for the maternity ward. Available online in the UK  

Cameron Diaz wears Nicole Gownie!

Imagine our excitement as the TV Adverts in the UK promoting the film "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" clearly show both Cameron Diaz & Elizabeth Banks in labour in Nicole Gownie! We cant wait until the film comes out on the 25th May to go see it ourselves, and we already have a number of you interested in writing a review of the film and product together! Thanks Elite Magazine, The Baby Planners , Skibz and more for being so excited! If you are interested in working with us on a product review please dont hesitate to contact us

Sophie Gownie proves to be a big hit!

Roz has time to post her review and tells us her birth story with Gownies!Roz and her newborn cuddled up together in Sophie Gownie, too precious! Congratulations Roz & Family! xx

Our lovely Hannah,her new baby and how she used Gownies!

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