dadzclub readers LOVE Gownies(tm) ! recently reviewed our product and said “It is so important to expectant fathers, that their partner is as comfortable and prepared for birth as possible. What better way to show you care than to pop one of these 'Gownies™' into the overnight bag before the big day.” “Pretty and practical - whether giving birth in, breastfeeding or receiving visitors, these gowns prove to be a big hit. Guys - the perfect gift!” *Gownies™ Not your ordinary Hospital Gown! I went in to be induced with my second child. Having worked in hospitals for 14 years I am well aware of the poor quality, dowdy looking, dignity-stealing gowns you get provided with. I slipped on this gown as my waters were broken and then proceeded to have an epidural. As it has poppers on the back, I only had to expose the section of back the anesthetist needed to work her magic. When my boy was delivered, I was able to pop down the two side panels to latch him on straight away, again maintaining dignity (as much as possible) to give him his first feed with ease. Everyone commented on how lovely the gown was, bright and bold and so much better than the traditional hospital gowns. One health care assistant even commented on how "I should have had a gown on if I was having an epidural", not realising it was indeed a gown. It washed beautifully on 60C, and has now been handed down to an expecting friend. Highly recommended. Jenny & Rob Spalding, 20th October 2011 for
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