birthwear - yes you do have choices!

birthwear ! When we started to sell Gownies, we found it really hard to give it a category of some sort! but now ladies, there is definitely a change in attitude  in terms of what you can take with you to give birth in or birthwear, be it in the waterpool in, in the corridor, in the delivery room, after c-section, you are going to need something to throw on, and if you dont get time during, you'll certainly want to pop something pretty on for when the visitors start pouring in, or as one mum said, to look 'normal' for when the siblings come and see mummy and baby for the first time, read on......"I recently gave birth to my baby boy on 10-31-11 a Halloween baby! I LOVED wearing my gownie in the hospital because I felt it was important for my 2 year old daughter to visit me looking as much like myself as possible so she would not be scared... recommending to all of my prego friends. Thanks!
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