5 steps to choosing the right Belly Band

Not all Belly Bands are equal, thats why we are delighted to bring you these maternity belly bands, special in 5 ways:
  • Size Choice: one size cannot fit all, its important to get that straight! Find the right size, or buy a couple of sizes to get you through the different stages. These bands do however retain their shape and size wash after wash. Plus size belly bands available. Petite size belly bands available.
  • Colour Palette: choose a few bands to suit your mood and outfit, subtle or stand out and dont forget you'll be using yours for breastfeeding too, so neutral colours in amongst your choice are great for hiding the post baby tummy whilst you get your shape back.
  • Comfort: Cotton bands are perfect, no itchy labels or prickly heat to contend with, non-irritating for expanding skin.
  • Length: Long enough to cover all eventualities during the full 9 months, long enough to double over, over unbuttoned jeans for example and long enough to keep you cosy, right under your bust if you like! Not too long as to be bulky.
  • Price/Quality: Important to get this one right, its a maternity wardrobe staple, so quality is so important since it will be washed and washed and washed!
For more info or for wholesale enquiries: sales@theprettycompany.com
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