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 Gownies™ are a HUGE success, due to the right combination of:

  • Good design – Press studs in all the right places and a great shape
  • Great details – contrast trim at openings and great range of designs
  • Practicality – breastfeeding openings at shoulder seams
  • Price- affordable and reusable as nightdress for breastfeeding

Here they are available at last in the UK!  - NO MORE BUM FLASHING MOMENTS!!!

We believe you deserve a great experience when preparing for the birth of your baby, we also know from experience what it means to bring a little bit of home with you. Whether it be your favourite music,  your own pillow or that freshly laundered smell of your own hospital gown, anything that makes you feel more at ease and more yourself will result in a great birthing experience.

Gownies™ are designed to suit all types of hospital situations, OK its designed to fit a pregnant tummy, but since they perfectly cover you from neck to knee at the back and are just as loose and comfortable for non-labouring mums,  we know that our customers also choose Gownies™ for all sorts of other hospital stays.  Feeling better means getting home quicker!

Watch our website for future launches of more innovative and essential products for pregnancy, birth and beyond, and thank you for buying Gownies™.


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