Why Gownies™?

  • A really pretty, personal alternative to the ordinary well-worn hospital gown
  • Allows you to be fully covered so you are free to move without worry of flashing!
  • Laundered by you in advance if you like a specific newly-laundered fragrance
  • Gives you freedom to chose what you wear in hospital and to feel comfortable
  • Ensures you are prettily and functionally covered right through your birth
  • No scratchy labels or broken ties just press studs 

How many will I need?

  • Many of our customers buy 2, one for the birth and one to recover in. It’s so perfect to put on after you’ve had your first shower and are resting and breastfeeding in bed

When should I put on my gownie?

  • When you are registered on the ward and are shown to your labour room for monitoring 

Does the gownie give me full coverage at the back?

  • Oh yes, no more ties or flashing, this gown gives you full coverage 

Will my nurses let me wear Gownies™?

  • With so many new things going on around you, you may be hesitant to ask to wear Gownies™but most medical staff will only want to ensure that with your best interests at heart, Gownies™ don't limit any medical intervention needed. Once they see it is perfectly designed with birth in mind, they will be only too happy that you are happy
  • Include Gownies™ in your birthing plan

If I want/need an epidural and IV, will I still be able to wear Gownies™?

  • Yes 

What if I end up having a C-Section?

  • Its perfect for recovering in afterwards

 What if it gets dirty?

  • Machine washable or buy 2 !

Can I breastfeed easily in it?

  • One hand free to undo the poppers, one hand holding baby, no problem.

Can the baby lay on my bare chest straight after birth?

  • If you undo poppers on both shoulders, the gownie can flap forward exposing your entire chest area, so baby and you can be skin to skin immediately