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The Pretty Company brings you a unique selection of gorgeous items to help you prepare for a beautiful birth.

From pregnancy through labour &  birth and into the joy of baby and breastfeeding, we bring you these unique, quality finds from the USA.

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Birthwear never looked so pretty!

The Pretty Company bring you Gownies™, the essential maternity hospital gown for labour and birth. Maternity wear on the ward never looked so good and recovery never so speedy and pretty!! Why should you labouring mummys have to wear a well-used, one size fits all, unisex, unflattering and uninspired hospital gown which may, if you are lucky, still have the ties intact to cover your back and bottom. Traditional hospital gowns are not adapted for breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with baby and arent pretty enough for receiving visitors!

With Gownies™, we have you covered from neck to knee. Whether you are thinking "What to pack in my hospital bag for labour?" or "What should I take for my hospital stay?" or "What to wear to breastfeed?", Gownies™ has the answer. 

Gownies(tm) give you total flexibility, wear them forwards, backwards, two at a time one front and one back - yes its been done! For labour, as a quick throw on after the birth pool, for receiving visitors, Gownies™, maternity wear/birthwear is such a success because it makes you feel less exposed, more confident in a tricky situation, individual and well covered.

Going into hospital for planned surgery, undergoing regular outpatient treatment or are looking for a gift for someone in hospital who needs a little boost, choose Gownies™ with its pretty patterns and fabric, contrast trim and practical openings.

Our Maternity Wear collection includes products exclusive to The Pretty Company, hand picked for their versatility, longevity, value for money or uniqueness. From our own experience of what we used most during pregnancy and in transition afterwards we bring you: Maternity YogaWear, Maternity Nightwear, Maternity Pyjamas, Belly Bands,and Maternity Loungewear. You'll find your go to outfit for all occasions, your outfit to receive visitors and your favourite breastfeeding pj or nightie, plus belly bands that can be used afterwards for breastfeeding and hiding your new mum tum. Any of the products we showcase here can be combined to make the most beautiful new mum gift.